Garage Door Springs Replaced

Garage Door Repair Broken Torsion Spring

Garage Door Repair Broken Torsion Spring

The springs on most garage doors usually last 6-8 years. When they break the door will be too heavy for the opener to lift and you need to have the springs replaced.

The springs breaking is just normal wear and tear and the only way to prevent them from breaking is to not use the door. They are rated for rotations so the more you use the door the sooner the springs will break. . . Read More

Doors Off Track

Garage Door Off Track Repair Austin When a door goes crooked like this one it’s because one of the cables has slipped off the drum and is wrapped tight around the torsion spring tube and the door is basically stuck in place.

This is usually caused by the door being closed and hitting an obstruction, hitting the door with a vehicle, or misaligned garage door tracks.

Sometimes this is cause by the door simply not being properly maintained and lubricated. . . Read More

Brace Bent Sections

Garage Door Repair Austin Brace Bent SectionsWe can even brace bent sections like these. The only way to make them look new again is to replace them with new sections but bracing them is a cheap way to make the door function without replacing sections. . . Read More